Trade Shows are great marketing tools

Trade Shows are great marketing tools

From visibility to credibility, exhibiting at a trade show has hundreds of benefits for your business. Establishing a presence for your company at a trade show gives you a powerful platform for meeting new customers, reaching out to your existing clientele, launching a brand transition, and launching new products.

A lot of businesses are put off before exhibiting at a trade show because of the cost. It’s true – developing a great trade show exhibit, training your staff members, and traveling to the event itself isn’t a very cheap process. However, like most forms of marketing, with the right strategy, a trade show can be a very profitable choice.

Generate lucrative, highly targeted business leads

With the right strategy, every trade show you attend is an opportunity to drastically expand your company’s customer base. The people who attend trade shows tend to be motivated, interested in the products your company offers, and often ready to commit to a deal on the spot.

In short, they’re much more worthwhile leads than names and numbers picked out of a business directory.

Trade shows are great opportunities to learn which direction your industry is (and isn’t) going in. During a slow period, leave your booth and walk around the floor on a fact-finding mission searching for what your competitors are doing right, and what they’re doing wrong.

Look at the type of giveaways that people remember and take note of the type they forget. Pose as a customer and ask your competitors for price lists and information about their latest products. After a couple of hours on the sales floor, you’ll be able to piece together the sales strategies and marketing tactics of your competitors.

Develop and strengthen your brand

Branding is a huge aspect of business success, especially in industries that depend on trust and reputation. Exhibiting at a trade show is a wonderful way to tell your industry that your company is serious, reliable, and large enough to afford its own presence at leading events and conferences.

By using your exhibit strategically, you can even establish your company as being part of a niche within your market. Positioning your booth next to your industry’s ‘blue chip’ companies creates a powerful psychological image that can help your company move from ‘startup’ to ‘established brand’ in the eyes of your customers.

Close sales without causing resentment

Not all prospects respond well to telecalls or direct mail. Some view direct marketing as an intrusion into their lives, while others are annoyed by sales calls, regardless of how much value they might offer.

Exhibiting at a trade show gives your company’s sales team an unprecedented level of access to important prospects, all without the resentment and apprehension that characterizes traditional direct sales. Typical objections disappear as customers are in a buying (or research-focused) mood.

Get new products out to the users

Trade shows are great for generating buzz for a new product, for competitive research, and even for expanding your own professional network. Attendees love to have something to watch when they are viewing booths. Product demonstrations are a great way to attract and keep their attention.

Capitalize on this opportunity. Prospects rarely give up their time; at a trade show, they do so enthusiastically. View every interaction with a prospect as a chance to close the deal and you’ll exit the trade show with a folder full of ready-to-buy sales leads.

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